Luna enjoyed her naughty visits to the owners bedroom and sprawling out on the fresh linen. This portrait captured these mischievous moments! Mannerisms and habits form an important part of constructing the image and tells a story that lives forever in the portrait.

Pastel on paper | 42 x 30cm


This beautiful old boy was the pub dog at my old local. Despite having lost most of his teeth he still loved his chews and lying on his favourite blanket in a patch of sunlight in the snug room. Sadly no longer with us but immortalised on canvas.

Oil on canvas | 60 x 40cm

Sadly our much loved animals can’t be with us forever. Monty lives on for his owner having pride of place in the family home.

Oil on canvas | 45 x 60cm


Archie is a dog I see most weeks living locally to me. He is full of character in that terrier kind of way. It was important here to capture that gleam in his eye which is so evident when his treats are about.

Pastel on paper| 28 x 40cm

US Cats

This was a commission produced during the COVID19 seclusion. The owner being in the UK was separated from her three much loved cats who all live in the USA. Her partner brought the cats to her in a special way that would last more than a life time.

Pastel  on paper| 70 x 50cm

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