Often a piece of art can reflect an ethos or convey the right mood for a space. This may be especially important in a corporate environment. By using a collaborative approach I can produce a unique piece of art tailored to very specific needs. The bespoke work shown here is a good example. Not only is it sized to the specific space I was able to provide a very bespoke piece of art…

In Lucem

This large oil was commissioned by a bank in Huston Texas. The client wanted something nautical to reflect the banks logo and brand. On the sail I was able to include the banks logo. I created the yachts name, ‘In Lucem’, meaning into the light, reflecting the banks ethos of partnership and collaboration.

My collaborative approach to such works allows the business to get exactly what they need to incorporate brand and set the right mood.

By painting on to rolled canvas I was able to send this to my client easily. All that remained was for them to frame it locally.

Oil on canvas | 95 x 160cm

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