A Holiday Memory

This scene is of a favourite place that the client and her family visited. It now reminds them all of happy holidays.

Oil on canvas | 90 x 65cm

Bespoke London

Very much a collaborative piece. The client, a Brit living in the US, wanted a London scene that captured some very specific details. All with a colour palette in mind that befit the room in which it would hang. This Street is completely fictional but elements are real places seamlessly painted to great effect. Imagination made real.

Oil on canvas | 45 x 70cm

Pillars of Creation

This famous image captured by the Hubble Telescope was a fabulous commission. My interpretation of it contained some surprises for the client. Hidden within this galactic nebula is the logo of the nightclub in which she met her husband.

Oil on canvas | 50 x 75cm

Portobello Road

This oil on canvas was for a very special friend and encompassed a list of items such as 1960s Mustang, a mod with a scooter, a cafe which doesn’t actually exist and a bottle of Wild Irish Rose!

Oil on canvas | 80 x 60cm

Roxton Church

This medieval church was commissioned by the master thatcher who had the task of a complete renovation to this amazing building. By capturing the landowners house in the distance I was able to build in a narrative outlining some of the past in its rich history.

Oil on canvas | 43 x 32cm


This famous Spanish village is a favourite destination for the client. My representation of it is not an exact copy. Some of the detail has been taken out for aesthetic reasons. Also the client wanted particular plant colours. Again, most things are possible

Oil on canvas | 90 x 50cm

Surrey hills

This collaborative piece is a fictional scene encompassing very specific images that the client wanted to include. Rolling hills and a patchwork of hedgerows form the predominant scene however on closer inspection you will see the train running through the middle distance, people strolling through the scene, a particular church spire in the far distance and the outskirts of Guildford near the horizon.

Oil on canvas | 120 x 65cm

The Thatchers Cottage

When a master thatcher asks for a painting of his own house the pressure is on to do his work justice. Whilst painting this piece I gained a true u understanding of the art in thatching. This is also a good example of being able to do some pruning on the canvas to take out some of the busy garden to allow the cottage to be seen

Oil on canvas | 42 x 35cm

Welsh Garden view

This stunning scene is the enviable view from my clients parents garden in Wales. Being able to use a large canvas allowed me to do justice to the panoramic vista. The edge of the formal garden in the near foreground is an interesting contrast to the scene beyond.

Oil on canvas | 120 x 65cm

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